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North York is renowned for it’s sprawling landscapes, playgrounds and gorgeous parks.  These once private estates were donated to the city during the early 20th century. There are numerous green spaces in this part of the city. Everywhere you can see homes with beautiful trees in their yard. Keeping them healthy means having a trusted a tree removal North York company to oversee proper maintenance and care.

When is a Tree a Threat in Your Property?

An Expert Toronto Arborist Answers This Question

A majestic and vibrant tree is indeed a sight to behold. It helps clean up the air while providing a nice shade for you and your family.  But in some situations, a tree that may appear quite lovely is actually more of a threat than an asset in your home’s overall structure and foundation. The following are some signs that a tree will need to be inspected by a North York tree care specialist.

1. The roots are causing damages to your property.

The tree roots are strong and powerful growths – even newly forming and small ones. They find water and nutrient sources in any way they can, extending themselves during the search. This is why there are some roots that get entangled in your home’s plumbing, which can cause problems with your drainage. Due to this root activity, water disruptions may even arise.

2. Concrete settling of roots.

It is also typical for some roots to settle in concrete. While tree roots may not cause the foundation damage per se, this situation may appear unsightly and some dangers may even arise along the way. There is a potential cracking and shifting of the concrete when it settles, and this can impact your home in a substantial manner. The ceilings and walls may be uneven until that crack and sink.

North York Tree Service You Can Count On

Some massive trees can indeed cause dangers and risks in your property. It can put the lives of your household members at risk when it goes out of control. The same holds true when the branches have gotten so big that they tend to lean towards one part of your home’s structure.

Although it can be tempting for some owners to resolve these problems by themselves and gather up their tools, the whole task can be very unsafe and hazardous. Only a professional can handle these issues as they possess advanced techniques to resolve the problem.

At Tree Removal East York, you can count on specialists with decades of professional experience in the tree care industry. We have encountered hundreds of different situations with problematic trees, so we know the most appropriate course of action to take.

If you have an emergency tree-related situation in your property, or you simply need a tree to be trimmed, or you want to get a stump removed, please feel free to contact us by phone at 647-952-4177 or send us your inquiries over to our email at You can expect to hear from us the soonest possible to give the best solution to your concerns.



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