Emergency Storm and Tree Services

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Trees are wonderful natural creatures. They bring back the oxygen, stabilize the soil, and provide resources to the wildlife. But sometimes, they can become a safety hazard or land obstruction, especially at times of severe storms or construction projects. This is when you need professional emergency storm and tree services. Tree Removal East York can help out by assessing the circumstances and selecting the best method depending on the location, condition, and size of the tree.

Signs You Need a Tree Removal

You know you need a professional tree removal when you see:
• A dead treeA diseased or drying tree

• Unstable roots

• Safety risks to household

• A tree blocking the sunlight

• A tree blocking your home improvement projects

• Branches tangled with infrastructures or power lines

Ethical Tree Removal

Before subjecting the tree for removal, these are the factors we consider:

• Obstructions such as power lines, gates, porches, pools, and other structures that can be damaged

• Proper machinery to use for the tree in question (crane, bucket truck, or others)• Location of the tree

• How close we can bring the machinery to the tree in question

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming is usually done to younger trees to promote strength and healthy growth. Tree Removal East York uses different methods for pruning and cutting to manage your trees effectively.

Trees normally do a good job in shedding leaves and branches on its own. However, in some cases, they need a little help from tree removal experts to make sure the job is done right. Left alone, the limbs can grow very close to a structure or can grow too high or thick, covering the area from sunlight more than usual.

Depending on your tree’s location and state, we will recommend the most ideal pruning or trimming method for you. Here’s a list of methods we commonly use:

• Thinning – A good shade is fantastic on a scorching hot day, however, sometimes a tree blocks way too much sunlight. This is usually the case in the area surrounding the pool or greenhouse where sunlight is essential.

• Pruning – Pruning is beneficial to trees, keeping them healthy and vibrant for as long as it takes. Before this method, we’ll assess your trees to determine how much pruning is needed.

• Elevating – Are your tree branches too low to the ground? We can remove bottom branches to give way to lawn mowing, walkways, and to provide more sunlight for your shrubs and grass.

• Crown reduction – If a tree has grown too much that it occupies too large of a space, crown reduction pruning may be required. Done appropriately, it can reduce the tree height and thus, save space in the yard.

• Topping – Like crown reduction tree topping reduces the tree height. However, this can be quite stressful to old trees so we recommend removing the tree and replacing it with a new one and use this method as the final resort.

Stump removal – Cutting of trees leave a stump behind. In most instances, a stump has to be dug 8-12 inches below ground level. This promotes growth of grass, shrubs, or a new tree. Tree Removal East York also offers finishing landscape services, including stump removal and soil and seed spreading. We can also replace your tree with a new one if you’d like.

Service Areas

We provide quality service in a number of locations across Toronto and nearby locations. Other areas we cater to include:
• Markham
• Toronto
• Thornhill
• North York
• East York
• Richmond Hill
• Aurora
• Mississauga
• Scarborough
• Keswick
• Newmarket
• Vaughan

Free Yourself from Storm and Tree Removal Worries
Trees blocking the way or entwined in power lines pose extreme danger to you and your family when left unattended. This is exactly when you need professional tree removal as soon as possible.

When you want trees trimmed or removed by experts, Tree Removal East York will be there as it happens. Simply call 647-952-4177 or email alan@treeremovaleastyork.com and you can expect a prompt response from us – guaranteed.

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